About Us

Hi! We’re the Stoch Sisters!

We are two driven sisters with one goal; to keep the importance of mental health relevance. We can all start by simply “Checking on the Homies™”.

Each one of our collections is named after one of our “Homies”. Those who suffer, those who support and those who we lost.

Sylwia, the younger sister, has been deeply affected by her BPD but has always persevered through any of the hurdles thrown her way.

Amanda, the older sister, creates all of our products in her home office with as much love as her heart can possibly put into an article of clothing.

But it’s more than an article of clothing. When you wear one of our products it’s a constant reminder to check on your loved ones. Check on the happy ones. Check on the sad ones.

We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to mental health initiatives.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to one another and CHECK ON THE HOMIES™